What Paint Brushes to use?

Selecting the right paint brush for a DIY painting job within your home is important when you want to achieve the best finish. The range of paint brushes available on the DIY market is vast. There are those that are designed to last just one job and others designed with high-quality bristles that allow you to use them over and over again.

Brushes that are used for painting and decorating come in a range of sizes. The sizes of the brushes are for the width of the head and are normally given in millimeters and inches and range from 10mm to 100mm. It is always advisable to purchase a brush size that is suitable for the painting task at hand. When painting a narrow area then a brush no larger than 40mm is advisable and when painting a large wall nothing smaller than 50mm should be used.

The manufacturers of high-quality paintbrush always take into consideration the brush bristles as these are the most significant part that determines how successful a paint job is. The bristles are usually made from synthetic materials although you will sometimes find some that are made from coarse animal hair. The other important part of a paintbrush is the length of the handle as this will determine the type of stroke that will be used during the painting task.

The metal part of the paintbrush that attaches the bristles to the brush can give you an idea of the quality of the brush. This part is one of the first to wear out or become loose. A high quality manufactured paint brush will more likely use a stronger metal and be better designed. When selecting a paint brush this is one of the main parts of a brush that you should take into consideration before making your decision as to which paint brush is best for you and the task at hand.

All of the above-mentioned things should be considered when you go to your local DIY store to select the paint brushes for that new coat of paint that you have decided to do to the interior or exterior of your home.