Fill your home with coziness and light at Christmas time.

Christmas home décor ideas, whether store-bought or handmade, can come from almost everywhere: nature, your favorite city, or a classic Christmas movie. Are you willing to transform your homes as comfortably and cheerfully as possible? Begin with these original Christmas tree ideas, unique ways to wrap and give Christmas presents, and outdoor Christmas decorative items.

Keep things cozy
Don't stop decorating after your tree is done because more is always better during the holiday season. Your living room is getting warmer and inviting, thanks to a star-twig wreath, shelves covered in garland, and a gingerbread house on the coffee table.

Put some snow on your windows.
Snow is a wonderful winter feature, and there's no better way to decorate your place than with children's Christmas crafts. No matter where you live, their cheerful paper snowflakes will fill the whole space with a special atmosphere whether you hang them individually or fix them together to create a snow veil on your window.

Make sure your stockings match.
Hanging stockings that go with the rest of your decor will liven up your mantel; however, patterns in complementary colors are even more fun. You can buy personalized stockings or make your own without a sewing machine. Grab some textiles, scissors, your glue gun, and you'll quickly have a completely new appearance.

Place ornaments in unusual locations.
Decorations are typically found on the Christmas tree, but have you ever considered using them in unusual ways? Hang them on your windows, arrange them as a hanging centerpiece on your table, or put bright decorations in a glass vase.

Utilize recycled wine bottles.
Instead of throwing away that empty Merlot bottle, add some glittering fairy lights to it to make a gorgeous, glowing window display. Fill bottles with glitter, or wrap lights around the outside of a few bottles to make a striking but affordable scene.

Dress up your balcony.
Residents of apartments, this one is for you. Put some weatherproof lights, garland, big ornaments, and bells on your balcony to give it a festive look that you and your neighbors will like.

Replace with some Christmas pillows
When decorating for the holidays, show some love to your couch! Replace your standard pillows with holiday-themed ones.